Examples of Illustration in Web Design can be found all over inspiration galleries and the trend towards colorfully illustrated websites has only grown with the widespread adoption of modern approaches that allow for richer images and faster-loading graphics. These illustrated designs are being used in a variety of industries, from E-commerce to mommy blogs. The techniques are being taught on sites like Vector Tuts+ and world-class illustrators are utilizing tools like Adobe Illustrator to bring sites to life. Character illustrations, full background illustrations and even animated HTML5 illustrations are popping up everywhere. I’ve gathered some of the best examples of illustration in the web design community for you to be inspired, critique, and learn from their techniques.

Showcase of Illustrated Websites

So without further adieu, let me present 25 creatively illustrated web design examples. Some are vibrant and colorful. Others are softer and simpler. All are creatively brilliant in their approach. Enjoy!


Gray Illustrated Web Design

Loadup 2012

Landscape Illustration Web Design

Solid Giant

Giant Pink Monster Illustration


Illustrated Web Design


Ocean Illustration Web Design

Stubble and Glasses

Red and White Illustrated Web page

Mommy Blog

Illustrated Mommy blog

Festival Mundo

Graphic Illustrated Explosion

Occupy North Pole

Jibe Visuals


Christmas Illustrated Web Design

Eric Barse

Lee Swain

Tattoo Artist Illustrated Website

Bear CSS

Illustrated Bear Character Design

Games We Played

Board Games Website Design



Boo Bebe

Baby Website with Illustration

Foundry Collective

Shady Acres

Illustrated Pet Web Design

The Goodtime Gals

The Neighbourhood

Illustrated Web Design


Illustrative Example of Web Design



Illustrated Sportin Goods Website

What’s Your Favorite Example of Illustration in Web Design?

With the vast array of illustration types presented, each site is unique and spirited. But what are your favorite techniques or examples? Use the comment section below to leave your response or feel free to add more examples!

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