It’s been a busy week. As you may or may not have heard, we’re preparing for a redesign of the blog which I’m pumped for.¬† Along with a new look, we’ve got some great posts lined up over the next few weeks including some from a few fantastic designers. So stay tuned for more updates and enjoy this second week of highlights from the best of what I’ve run across this week.



The Death of Originality in Design – Coming to Terms

The author of this article claims that no original thoughts in design remain. He contrasts originality and creativity and lays out a very robust, and ironically original, argument. A very intellectual but great read!



Curating Comments Threads

Something that I unfortunately don’t have to worry about at the moment is too many comments. But as my site (and your site) grows, handling large amounts of comments effectively will increase overall blog value. Chris Coyier chimes in with his thoughts and possible solutions.


Resources & Freebies


20 Super Clean Fonts Perfect for Minimal Style Design

A wonderful collection of beautiful and clean fonts from Web Design Ledger. Some of my favorites are Walkway and Sansation.



225+ Free Adobe Illustrator Patterns

A large collection of patterns to use in your next Illustrator Project. Includes a lot of wallpapers and such but a great selection overall.



7 Hi-Res Bokeh Textures

For all you texture lovers, here’s a collection of 7 free hi-resolution bokeh textures taken from pictures of a Christmas Tree. Enjoy!




Create a Gnarly Snowboarding Themed Web Design

Line25 walks you through a photoshop tutorial for creating a clean yet edgy Snowboarding Themed Layout just in time for the Winter Olympics.



How to Design a Beautiful, Symmetrical Snowflake in Illustrator

A useful walk-through for creating a perfectly symmetrical snowflake. I found this tutorial useful for learning techniques even if I never need to make a snowflake.




50 Creative Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design

Everything cycles back, especially in design. Here you will find 50 great examples of old-school and retro designs. Those were the good ole days.



35+ Fantastic Examples of Beautiful Flash Websites

While I’m not the biggest advocate for Flash (especially since I’ve fallen in love with my iPhone), I will say that there are some pretty amazing things you can do with it.¬† This post gives some beautiful examples of what is possible with Flash.


Got Links?

I’m always expanding my list of sites to browse and stories to read. Help me find that next must read article by leaving me a comment below or through email. Now enjoy your weekend!

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