The biggest week to date by far on the swirl. I tried really hard to roll out 3 high quality posts and judging by the reaction and traffic, it’s been a good week. Big shout out to Frank Suyker who submitted a great post on large footer layouts that kicked off the week. The three single largest days of traffic on the blog were Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Thanks for everyone who stopped by and please let me know you want to see on the Swirl because it’s as much your blog as it is mine.

I’d also like to welcome in two great new sponsors. Viva Themes is a provider of excellent wordpress themes and Interactive Online provides a variety of affordable hosting plans. Give them some love and check out what they have to offer. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, a continued plug to get you connected to Visual Swirl. If you haven’t yet, pick up our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter. Also please become a fan of our new Facebook Page. In the coming months there will be some great things planned for all three groups so you don’t want to miss out. Now, it’s time for some of the best of what I’ve seen in the design community this week. I’m switching up the format a little. Let me know if you have a preference or suggestion.

Create a Professional Web 2.0 Layout

150 Free Rust Brushes for Photoshop

Five Tips to Add Hours to Your Day

Web Designers Who Can’t Code

Create a Clean and Professional Web Design in Photoshop

A Collection of 975+ Fresh Social Media Icons

Is John The Client Dense or Are You Failing Him?

Measuring Up: Are You a Good Designer or a Great One?

5 Lists Every Website Owner Should Keep

10 Keys to Effective Non-Profit Organization Websites

6 Things that Designers Can Learn From the Olympics

Drawing In Today’s Digital World

Got Links

I’m always expanding my list of sites to browse and stories to read. Help me find that next must read article by leaving me a comment below or through email. Now enjoy your weekend!

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