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Designers: Refresh, Don’t Resolve This New Year

20mg levitra New Years is a time for people to make resolutions they won’t keep. Instead, why not take this time to spruce up your design business and make some simple, yet lasting changes. I’m calling these small changes, refreshes. Take a short break from designing to work on these refreshes and make New Years a time for actual change.

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16 Blogs To Help You Master the Business of Design

comprare Viagra When starting out as a designer, especially a freelance designer, it is easy to focus solely on expanding your design skill set. Learning about design, working on design, and showing off your designs comes natural because that’s what a designer’s suppose to do, right? But many times you may be required to take your creative hat off and put on some business pants in order to become a successful freelancer. I’ve compiled several of the best in the business of talking about the business of design, especially freelance design.

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