Welcome to 2013! To kick off another great  year I’ve rounded up 13 of the best 2013 wallpapers. Start off the new year by making a plan to clean up your desktop. Once it’s clean, you’ll want to decorate with one of these great wallpaper designs. And if you’re looking for monthly calendars for January, head over to Smashing Magazine to see some really great January 2013 calendars. So find the wallpaper that fits your resolutions (pun intended) and here’s to a happy and productive New Years!

2013 Wallpapers for a Happy New Years

Wallpaper by Upwallpapers.net

2013 Sparks New Years Wallpaper

Wallpaper by demeters

Snowflakes 2013 desktop wallpaper

Wallpaper by paha13

crazy colorful 2013 desktop wallpaper

Wallpaper by GuilleBot

Jungle Wallpaper for 2013 desktop

Wallpaper by paha13

Purple desktop wallpaper for 2013

Wallpaper by PSDRoman

cloud rainbow 2013 desktop wallpaper

Wallpaper by Jenova89

hope and darkness 2013 wallpaper desktop

Wallpaper by Zakzak008

2013 wallpapers balloon new year

Wallpaper by tajio

purple bokeh new years 2013 wallpaper

Wallpaper by Concrete Love

Bright wrapping paper 2013 desktop wallpaper

Wallpaper by danishprakash

2013 New Years Wallpaper

Wallpaper by photonica

January 2013 Desktop Wallaper calendar

Wallpaper by ravirajcoomar

Futuristic 2013 wallpaper

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