Visual Swirl is just over 1 year old and our first birthday went by very quietly. It’s been somewhat bleak on the blog for the last few months but all that’s about to change. So get excited because around the first of the year, a fresh, brand-spanking-new Visual Swirl will be unveiled. Here’s a little more about the changes.

Where Have I Been?

I apologize for my hiatus over the last 6 months. Family crisis and job stuff have consumed my time but everything is great now! I’ve actually recently made a switch to full-time freelance design work which will allow me to focus a lot more time on growing the blog and providing more resources, insight, and inspiration.

If you’re interested at all in seeing my freelance site, head over to Chris Thurman Creative. I’m excited to get this part of my work off the ground which will allow me to work on what’s next…

The Rebrand

Meet the new Visual Swirl. A fresh coat of paint to give the site a more appropriate work.

Visual Swirl Logo

I’m also hard at work on coding the site into WordPress. You can stay up to date with the design on my new dribbble page or on Twitter as we prepare for…

The Relaunch

Coming sometime around the first of the year, you’ll see a brand new website. All of the old content will still be around but I’ll be updating some of the bells and whistles of the site.

In addition, a whole bunch of new content will be rolling out in January. We’re talking design freebies, full website layout tutorials, tons of inspiration and more. I’m even kicking around the idea of a premium section that will provide even more great stuff! What do you think?

What I need From You?

As always, I want Visual Swirl to be about you and this relaunch is no exception. So here’s what I need from you to make this thing great:

  • One, tell me what content you want to see. If you love the tutorials, let me hear it. Maybe more icons or.psd files to download? Let me know what kind of posts you enjoy the most so I can make the new Visual Swirl even better.
  • Two, become a guest poster. If you’ve ever kicked around the idea of blogging about design, I’d love to talk to you about the platform we have here. If you’re interested, give me a shout.
  • Finally, let everyone know about the relaunch. Tweet it from the rooftops. Share it in the streets. Help me get the word out about what’s to come.

If you can do those three things, I’ll take care of the rest. And I’ll see you when we launch!

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