The big news of the week here is the new look. I launched the redesign on Monday to kick off the third month of Visual Swirl the right way. I hope you take a look around and see some of what’s new. For a rundown o the design, check out A New Look For Visual Swirl. I’ll also be rolling out some new features, new guest contributors, and plenty of fresh content over the coming weeks. To make sure you don’t miss a beat, subscribe to our rss feed, follow us on Twitter, and join our new Facebook Fan Page. Now onto the links.



Starting and Growing a Design Blog with Design Informer’s Jad Limcaco

Two blogs that do it right (Colorburned and Design Informer) provide a look at the right way to start a design blog. I’m taking notes.

5 Things to Consider Before Designing Your Next Website

Should you create a mockup or start with a prototype? This thought provoking article looks at which approach to choose for your next project.

Resources & Freebies

Free Apple iPad Icon Set for Your Website Designs

With all the debates and arguments over whether the iPad is a good product or not, why not have some beautiful icons ready for your disposal.

22 Awesome Free Grunge Fonts

Some useful. Some overdone. A good place to start when looking for that perfect grunge font.

14 Fresh jQuery Plugins Focusing on Image Gallery and Slideshows

Everyone loves jQuery and this roundup offers some useful plugins for your next gallery or slideshow need.


Bulletproof Backups for MySQL

Not the typical Photoshop or Creative tutorial but a great read on backing up your MySQL database. If you run a website, backups are essential.

Create a Valentines Day Illustration for Your Sweetie

Valentines Day is only a week away so brush up on your Illustrator skills and churn out a design for your loved one at the same time.


100 Years of Movie Title Stills

A fascinating look back over a century of movie title stills. For design and movie lovers alike.

20 Extraordinary Designer Portfolios You Have to See

A showcase of creative and unique designer portfolios. Be inspired and pick up some fresh ideas.

Got Links

I’m always expanding my list of sites to browse and stories to read. Help me find that next must read article by leaving me a comment below or through email. Now enjoy your weekend!

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