Abstract Photoshop brushes are useful for times when you need to fancy up a design but you’re not sure exactly what element to use. Adding light flares or subtle fractal shapes can take the ordinary and turn it into something truly great. Take a look around at this collection of over 150 free abstract photoshop brushes and add your favorites to your design resources for the next time you need a little flare.

12 Abstract Brushes

24 Paint Lines Brushes

28 Basic Chaos Brushes

6 Abstract Brushes

10 Fractal Brushes

Burning Soul Brushes (16 Brushes)

Danger Close Brushes (15 Brushes)

10 Halftone Brushes

Fractal Chaos (1o Brushes)

11 Smoke Brushes

6 Fire Ring Brushes

14 Swirl Chaos Brushes

10 Lost Textures

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