A great logo design is essential to communicate values and expertise to your customers.  One way to identify unique selling points or mission essential values in your logo is to incorporate a mascot (most often an animal).

What Does an Animal Say About Me?

The features naturally attributed to certain animals help portray characteristics that can be found in various organizations and teams. Sports teams have used animal mascots to extend feelings of athletic superiority (Eagles, Lions), agility/speed (Falcons, Panthers) or ferocity (Sharks, Wildcats, or Wolverines).

The same holds true outside of sports.  A web startup may use a monkey to portray a playful, lighthearted personality. An investment firm may use a buffalo to display brute strength in the marketplace or a broad offering of assets.  A hummingbird may display a nimble and swift attitude while an eagle displays greatness and a brand you can trust.

Another reason many companies may use animals is to help strengthen their brand recognition.¬† Simple images often help peope remember a company or brand.¬† The smilling face of a kitten or the paw of a bear may be enough to strike up thoughts of that company–even¬† outside of their branded logo and and marketing push.

Whatever the exact purpose of the mascot, a company has put time and effort into merging it with their mission objectives and personality.  Here are 25 great examples of logos that incorporate animals in their design.  Look through them and think about what the animal is adding to the design.

Animal Logos (logos via LogoPond)




DB Services

DB Services

Hired Monkey


Posh Puppy


Elk River

Sparrow Style

Eagle Eye

Kodiak Insulation


Blue Cow Creative

Mail Chimp

Sense Financial

Punchy Time

Pink Kitten

Great Bend Gear


Cricket Fire

Smart Designs

Zoo Studios

Frog Creek Apparel

Run across any other great animal logos?  If you were to incorporate an animal in your next design, what would you want it to say about you? What design trends have you noticed in animal logos? Let me know in the comments below.

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