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Cross-Cultural Web Design: Best Practices for Building an International Website

Globalization is one of the biggest business buzzwords of the 21st century. Companies of all sizes can operate internationally, thanks to the advent of the Internet era and affordable methods of online marketing, communications and networking. With this in mind, there are several points worth observing when building a website for an international audience.

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One Good Thing About Crowdsourcing

There’s been quite the uproar from the design community in the last few years over the phenomenon known as crowdsourcing. Hailed to be the answer for cheap, easy design projects for businesses, crowdsourcing is the process of sending out design requests to a large number of designers with the expectation to pick from finished work rather than pitches or proposals. Dozens, if not hundreds, of designers “compete” to win a bid based solely on their best guess at what the client requires from their brief. This article looks at one instance where a designer can benefit from the crowdsourcing model.

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How to Build Web Cred as a Designer

Credibility on the web is not easily earned. To be a successful designer, you need people to recognize you as skilled, competent and professional. When someone needs something designed they turn to you because you’ve proven yourself to them as capable and reliable. That’s web cred! Here are some tips to put your name out there and earn some legitimate Web Cred.

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